PROPOSALS | Johnston & Samantha

Last summer I went on a much needed beach vacation in the very beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. To the eyes of third party viewers, it may have seen like a normal vacation. Little did they know in the 6 months prior, I had been helping my cousin, Johnston, plan his surprise proposal. It was all completely worth it, and I’m going to tell you why.

Johnston and Samantha had been dating for almost 4 years at the time, and he was ready to make her his fiancee and surprise the heck out of her. I was supposed to travel to Texas and capture the moment for him there. As time went on, I learned that they booked an all inclusive resort in Puerto Vallarta, and that’s when the idea came to me.

“How do you feel about a destination proposal?”

I showed him a couple of images I found online of other beach proposals, and after seeing the blankets laid out on the sand with candles lit all around, he was persuaded instantly! So after re-writing his plans and inviting more people to play roles in the proposal, Johnston and Samantha along with my boyfriend and I and Samantha’s family, we were on our way to Mexico!

He designed a well-planned proposal, let me tell ya. It was a scavenger hunt with little notes and directions provided for each messenger to give to Samantha at each stop she made. It was so cute and heartwarming that she wasn’t able to contain her tears halfway through the hunt!

What made this photoshoot most fun was acting like I didn’t know anything and sneaking around with secret eye gestures. I put on my act for the couple of days before it happened, and it was the most thrilling experience.

– Chi

You can watch the video of their adventure here: Johnston & Samantha: Scavenger Hunt Proposal




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