Relaxing Evening with Shirt-Dresses & Laced-Up Sandals

I received compliments on my white dress purchased from H&M last year. It was most likely meant to be a shirt, but my 5’2″ figure inevitably turned it into a dress. I paired with my new laced up sandals from LOFT. Never did I think to look there, but I finally found it—making it my first purchase from LOFT. I tend to be choosy about where I buy my clothes because there are brands that I favor a lot more. And also because I never want to spend more than $40 for a clothing item so everything I purchase is most likely on sale. There will be times where I feel it’s okay to splurge a little more on the classic pieces, but let’s face it. We’re all drawn to trendy designs, and you never really know how long it’ll stay trendy so being choosy about how much you spend and what you spend it on could help you in the long run. So be amazed with me when I tell you that the sandals were under $15! #LOVELOFT

– Chi






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