A Day for Vintage

My favorite thing to do in the morning is to start my day with an iced latte or hot cup of cappuccino from Reve Coffee Roasters. It makes me feel so much more relaxed and less rushed when I take the time to enjoy something before work. I’ll recommend that everyone find something that relaxes them in the morning. Waking up, getting ready and going straight to work can make the day feel too much like a job.

We were lucky to have fall weather in Lafayette, but then it decided to take off after about four days. Now I’m back to pairing fall pieces with summer pieces. Everything I’m wearing was purchased more than 5 years ago, but I love that I can still wear it today. It creates a little vintage effect for me. Nothing says vintage more than a tied up button-down, a midi skirt, and classic espadrilles on your feet! All I’m missing is one of those vintage yellow bicycles. I could seriously daydream about biking around a little French village, but downtown Lafayette will just have to do.

– Chi

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