Winter Proposal in Houston

My cousin, Jimmy, contacted me a few months ago with some very big, unexpected news. He was going to propose to Jennifer! This gave me a rush of excitement because he had us all fooled that it would be a while until he was able to pop the question.

He chose the day before Jennifer’s birthday to ask her to marry him. The location was in midtown at Baldwin Park in Houston, TX. It was a quiet park with rows of romantic, oak trees. Being a hopeless romantic, he had a vision and he went with it. On the day before her birthday, she was taken on an adventure by close friends that was disguised as “birthday surprises”. All the while Jimmy was working hard at setting up the decorations.  I enjoyed capturing this beautiful memory of theirs and loved the fact that I was able to witness Jennifer’s surprised face when she saw Jimmy! So achingly sweet!

You can view some photos of their sweet proposal below. There will be a video coming soon!

– Chi

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