About Me

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Welcome to my site!

My name is Chi, an aspiring artist from Lafayette, Louisiana with a background in drawing, photography, and graphic design.

I created this blog to share with you the beauty of life that I’ve visually captured with a lens—mainly things that I enjoy the most which includes travel, style, food, and love. Being from South Louisiana and wanting to keep to my roots, I hope to exude a sense of coziness mixed with chic-ness you never knew the South could handle and full of lovely adventures [ones that I’m able to afford, LOL].

I’ve never been more motivated than now that I’ve found my true passion in life:  photography. There’s not a moment that I go somewhere and not take a picture. To me, living is being able to capture each moment. My favorites are wedding photography, engagement photography (especially proposals), family, seniors, the whole lot!

What inspired me to create a blog?

I’ve always wanted to be an artist in grade school, then decided to be a writer in high school, and by college I found my talent for photography. To this day, I want my hand in all of the pots. So what better way to do that? Blogging! In doing so, I only hope to be able to inspire you to do the same, to view things in a better light and to appreciate life in every way possible.

Thank you for stopping by!

– Chi