Disney’s Up Themed Birthday

I photographed my baby cousin, Theodore, for his very first birthday! The party theme was inspired by Disney’s Up (planned by JEM Events), and it was the cutest birthday party ever! The colorful decor looked as though it came straight from the movie. The venue echoed with “awws” all day. To top it off, the air smelled of cotton candy while Disney songs played softly in the background. I was definitely taken back to my childhood days.

Theo, of course, made an adorable Mr. Carl whether he was smiling or crying. The picture-perfect family wore matching white converse shoes while Theo was styled from head to toe in a button down with plaid bow tie, suspenders, and reading glasses (which he enjoyed chewing on more than wearing it). It will definitely be one to remember and a grand, 1st birthday for Theo.

– Chi


An All-White Affair

Last month, we took another trip to Houston for my cousin’s “all-white affair” engagement party. How fun is it when an event has a dress code? I love a little fashion rule in my life. It’s a challenge that makes me feel more creative because there are limitations to play by.  Odd as it sounds, it’s a cool way to really individualize yourself in the crowd if that makes sense. When your color is already decided for you, you can spend more time on how to accessorize whether it be with makeup, hair or jewelry. My first instinct would be to paint my lips red, but I wanted to try something different so bright raspberry was the lip color of the day!

Dress BCBG Max Azria

– Chi

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Blushing Neutrals

I had to be the biggest tomboy growing up. I refused to wear sandals or flats. My mom says all I ever wanted as gifts were tennis shoes.  As for my hair, I never let it down. It was always up in a ponytail, and I owned way too many t-shirts and jeans.

That has changed a lot over the years. I think it’s because I grew more practical. Now I can’t stop thinking about dresses! They’re the easiest things to slip on in the morning when I’m too lazy to coordinate outfits. Dresses can also create so many different silhouettes!

This ladylike dress is a perfect midi with a high neckline, peplum waist, and long slits on the side. What I love too is how it flew with the wind as I walked which made me feel so weightless and feminine. I wore my new favorite laced up flats that I’ve been hunting down since the beginning of the season. As for accessories, I knew I couldn’t go wrong with turquoise. Neutrals plus turquoise is a newly discovered color combo that I won’t be wearing once.

Dress BCBGeneration / Laced Up Ballerina Flats Zara / Oversized Sweater Zara / MAC “Plumful” Lipstick

– Chi

DSCF0231 DSCF0259 DSCF0240 DSCF0224 DSCF0188 DSCF0246 DSCF0249 DSCF0271 DSCF0281 DSCF0301

A Day for Vintage

My favorite thing to do in the morning is to start my day with an iced latte or hot cup of cappuccino from Reve Coffee Roasters. It makes me feel so much more relaxed and less rushed when I take the time to enjoy something before work. I’ll recommend that everyone find something that relaxes them in the morning. Waking up, getting ready and going straight to work can make the day feel too much like a job.

We were lucky to have fall weather in Lafayette, but then it decided to take off after about four days. Now I’m back to pairing fall pieces with summer pieces. Everything I’m wearing was purchased more than 5 years ago, but I love that I can still wear it today. It creates a little vintage effect for me. Nothing says vintage more than a tied up button-down, a midi skirt, and classic espadrilles on your feet! All I’m missing is one of those vintage yellow bicycles. I could seriously daydream about biking around a little French village, but downtown Lafayette will just have to do.

– Chi

DSCF2647_2 DSCF2641_2 DSCF2636_2DSCF2640_2 DSCF2650_2 DSCF2619_2 DSCF2612_2 DSCF2605_2 DSCF2604_2DSCF2601_2

Sophisticated Weekend Look

I call this the “Am I Ready for Work” or “Am I Still Hooked on the Weekend” look. It also could be a work to night out look… like something you’d wear on Thursday night. I flaunted Lucy, my red Michael Kors bag, for this outing (yes, I named my favorite bag). You can also see a more casual outfit paired with my bag here. If there are three colors that perfectly represent sophistication, it’s black, white and red. For this day, I formulated my hair into the half bun — a look that Julianne Hough perfectly pulled off as shown on Pinterest. It was my way to stay cool while playing down the sophisticated ensemble.

My new black heels were especially pretty having an ankle tie with tassels and gold accents. I have been wearing these a lot because they go well with so many outfits. I also have to brag that they are incredibly comfortable. For those of you who can’t walk in heels that are higher than 3 inches, these are the girls for you.

Top Urban Outfitters / Pants (similar here) / Heels LOFT / Selma Purse Michael Kors

– Chi

DSCF2100DSCF2070DSCF2101DSCF2071 DSCF2104

Fall Outfit for Philly

Hello October! It’s time to yank out the scarves and booties now! There are few places in the world where you can truly experience fall weather. Philadelphia is definitely one. It was challenging to fit my clothes for four days into my little carry-on bag, but I knew my scarves and booties could not be left behind.

I decided to try something fun with a multi-pattern look, combining my striped shorts and my red, leopard print scarf. I toned down the mixture by choosing a white top to wear with my white shorts. I wanted to make the look more neutral, and I think the white on white worked out perfectly. It’s my favorite fall trend for the moment. I finished the outfit with my new tan, leather booties. They have a 2 inch heel which made it comfortable enough to walk around the city. Sightseeing was my favorite thing to do in Philly. You can also read more about my amazing trip here.

Everything in Philadelphia including the trees, alleys, and buildings were easy on the eyes. It was awesome to see people already decorating their homes for fall with mini-pumpkins too. Excitement rushed through me as I look forward to decorating myself with more fall pieces!

Top (similar here) / Shorts (sold out but similar pattern here) / Scarf (similar styles here) / Coach Legacy Penny Bag (similar here) / Booties

– Chi

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Pope Francis in Philly

I’ve visited this city 8 years ago, and its memory never left me. Philadelphia is unique with its history, friendly residents, and great urbanism. When we planned to take a trip there to visit my close friends along with seeing Pope Francis, I knew it was going to be an even more memorable trip.

First off, we explored the city in a less tourist-y perspective. My dear friends Carolina and Josh have been living there for over a year so they took on the role as our tour/food guides. I was excited to find that fall had started in Philly (unlike Louisiana). The leaves turned from green to yellow and fell from the trees as the breeze took them away. That made it relaxing and pleasant to walk everywhere. I couldn’t get enough of the homes and cute alleys.DSCF1193-3-2DSCF1343-1DSCF1411-1

We strolled through the Elfreth’s Alley, the oldest (and cutest) residential street in America. DSCF1334-1

Anytime we were hungry, we could always count on nearby cafes and dessert shops to pick up a warm cup of vanilla cappucino or French macarons.

DSCF1205-1DSCF1269-1 DSCF1281-1DSCF1384-1DSCF1385-1

Our first meal of the day was of course a Philly cheesesteak. We made our way to south of Philadelphia where the cheesesteaks were said to be the “real thing” and taste exceedingly better.  It was a cheese overload that I happily cannot complain about!
DSCF1362-1 DSCF1363-1

We completed lunch with a little dessert, Nutella mini-canolis at the Italian market.
DSCF1367-1 DSCF1372-1 DSCF1375-1 DSCF1377-1
Then we made our way north where the crowds were. Pedestrians took over the streets where cars usually dominate. Instead of engines and honks, you hear people laughing, singing, and music in the distance. People from all over the country and world gathered that weekend for one purpose: to see Pope Francis.  I was so happy to be among them. It was a great experience, and I’m glad to check that off my bucket list.
DSCF1414-1 DSCF1418-1 DSCF1421-1DSCF1431-4 DSCF1437-5DSCF1465-10 DSCF1466-11DSCF1469-13

Despite being stuck in the crowds, walking many miles in a day, standing for long periods of time, waiting to get through security checkpoint, and sitting in dirt, I have to say it was all worth it to see Pope Francis waving eagerly and smiling at us as though he’s greeting familiar faces. This experience is going to be hard to ever forget.DSCF1470-14