Emery Hope

Kim became one of my first friends when I started a new school in 6th grade. I’m grateful for her friendship and was ecstatic to have her ask me to take her maternity photos. I’m so happy for Kim & Bobby as they embark on this new road of parenthood. My inspiration for this photo shoot was their baby girl’s name, Emery Hope. Her name is so pretty, and I wanted make the photo shoot reflect that. I wanted to create a dreamy and elegant look, and that was easy to do thanks to Kim & Bobby’s color palette and the country scenery. You forget how peaceful the Louisiana countryside is until you take a little adventure out there.

– Chi



We had this photoshoot right at sunset in my neighbor’s beautiful garden. Although, I have to say that South Louisiana at dusk isn’t a great time to be outside. We were visited by an abundance of hungry mosquitoes. Gladly it was all worth it to get these romantic shots. The sunset, the garden, Vi’s white dress, flower crown, and her cute pregnant belly just brought the whole thing together and gave the photos a very summer fairy-tale vibe. I love everything about this photoshoot, and I’m so glad that she asked me to take them for her family. Hope you enjoy!

– Chi

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