Matthew’s Senior Portraits

More senior portraits! I’m happy to mix things up a bit. I don’t photograph  guys often, but I’m extra grateful when I get the chance to. Matthew has a sharp, classy style that paired well with the country setting. (Check out his website,!) He brought me to the coolest school campus. Everywhere I looked was an interesting spot. I  freaked out in excitement when I saw the opportunity to use a yellow school bus as a background prop, and I loved how clever and cool it turned out. The style of his portraits gave off a maturity that you often see in high school seniors who are ready to take on the many blessings the world has to offer!

– Chi


Lake Martin Bird Sanctuary

I’m proud to say my first visit to Lake Martin was a success! I’ve always heard how beautiful it was, and it became the perfect, romantic setting for senior portraits. The cypress trees were still bare from the winter, but it was a a great contrast to Madeline’s angel face. I’m happy that she chose Lake Martin as her location. Her senior portraits allowed the beauty of lake to shine through her photos and created something unique to southern Louisiana. And as challenging as it was to narrow down, here are my absolute favorites from her session. Hope you enjoy!

– Chi

SENIORS | 2015 Graduate

Only one graduate to take photos for this year—my cute little cousin who’s not so little anymore. This was shot around the UL Alumni Center and the Hillard Art Museum right after I got back from New Orleans for the day. I was easily inspired after a good day in the old, romantic city. I chose this location because it’s easy to get to and not too tiring to walk around because it’s quaint, perfect if I just need to capture a few good shots. I must say though that I have a love-hate relationship when taking pictures for guys. The bad:  you ask them to pose, they might comment on how lame posing is. The love part: they give it a try, the shot comes out better than expected, and it ends well. 🙂

– Chi


PORTRAITS | 2014 Senior Graduates

A group of senior graduates who have grown up together all their lives came to me with a proposal to take their senior photos all together…all in one day…at the same time! Hey, I thought it was a fantastic idea. What better way to celebrate your departure from high school whilst making a memory of it?

I can’t wait for all of them to look back to this day and remember what it was all like to be a young adult ready to take on anything the world throws at them.

– Chi